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NDMP Communication Warning

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please tell me what this error from Protection Manager means?

NDMP communication error NDMP_DATA_GET_STATE

Thanks again



Re: NDMP Communication Warning


Is this a new device you are trying to get to work or a working system with an error message in PM you are not sure about?

Is the library online?

Also on the filer try

ndmpd status

backup status

Also I have an issue with NDMP traffic routing via e0M and the main VIF.  This killed NDMP but it looked like it was running slow.  Fixed with

options ndmpd.preferred_interface vif1

Hope it helps


Re: NDMP Communication Warning

Hi Guys

we are experinceing some issues with restore done with DFM(OM).

We want to restore from a standard Snapvault and receive "NDMP communication error: NDMP_DATA_GET_STATE: 0x2 (The device is in use)".

Sorry for the 'blackouts' but our customer is picky on information sharing...


Any kind of info welcome.

Thanks and have a nice day


Re: NDMP Communication Warning


We also have this problem sometimes. In all cases the data seemes to be restored correctly.

I would also like to know why "device is busy" is reported and if this has any consequences.



Re: NDMP Communication Warning

There is no  consequences because of this.

There is already a bug for the same and the engineering is investigating.



Re: NDMP Communication Warning

Does anyone know the BURT #  for this ?

Re: NDMP Communication Warning

NDMP Communication Warning

I've run into the same problem... but in our case for this directory, no data is restored!

Getting the warning for the last 67 minutes, while nothing else is using the filesystem on both the snapvault filer's volume and the destination volume (was NFS mounted, but I unmounted it with no visible effect on the restore).

DFM version is 4.0.2.

NDMP Communication Warning

Hi Berks, Elmar,

During restore operations from SnapVault, Qtree SnapMirror, or Volume Snapmirror secondaries will throw a benign warning message saying "NDMP_DATA_GET_STATE: 0x2 (The device is in use)."  This warning by itself will not cause the restore operation for fail.

This warning message is not critical and can be ignored or you can upgrade to Oncommand 5.0 where the fix for Burt 377559 is available.