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NetApp SnapProtect - A couple of questions

Really interested in SnapProtect, this is looking like a very cool single pain of glass approach to our backups and data protection! A couple of quick questions if you don't mind...

Is there a minimum Data ONTAP version?

Does this integrate with all my existing SnapManager and Protection Manager backup and protection jobs?

Final question is probably a little more complex, but can you go into any more detail about the process of managing tape backups and "media agent assisted backups"? I'm definitely intrigued on that!

Many thanks!!!


NetApp SnapProtect - A couple of questions


Data ONTAP 7.3.5 is the minimum version. 

For SnapManager you would need to set things up new in SnapProtect and do a cutover.  You would still run SnapManager for a while to manage retention and restores of the Snapshot copies that it had created historically until they have expired.  SnapProtect takes on new Snapshot copies.

For tape backups, the media agents handles the jobs and depending on the data type the backup will be an NDMP dump or a streaming backup through the media agent (traditional backup style). 



NetApp SnapProtect - A couple of questions

Hi Chris,

Does this answer any of your questions?


Re: NetApp SnapProtect - A couple of questions

Hi Chris,

I'm also in a similar situation. I have been using SME/SMSQL/SMVI/SMMOSS and snapmirror/snapvault to replicate all our production data to to remote site and looking to integrate all this with SnapProtec. Currently we are replicating about 20TB of data over a 20Mb link and setup using SnapMirror store/retrieve and LREP methods for initial base line replication.

So If SnapProtect can't use the existing SnapMirror relationships how does it going to establish the baseline transfer?

Also we will not have additional 20TB at the remote site to establish a new SnapProtect controlled volumes and we won't be able to delete the existing SnapMirror target volumes as they have many weeks  of snapshots as our backup.

So  how does SnapPrptect address these practical issues that will exists in large existing installations?

Best Regards,