Push multiple files to man vFilers

I have a MetroCluster with a few vFilers that will eventuall have many more vFilers. I'd like to script out the push of a new passwd file (or any other common file for that matter) from vFiler0 to all the associated vFilers.  Any thoughts on the best method?  I'm not sure ndmpcopy is the best approach.  I thought about dd but it doesn't retain permissions (no suprise).  I've seen a ls, rm, mv command at certain priv set levels but not a cp, unless I missed it.

Re: Push multiple files to man vFilers

There is a cp from the hidden java shell (not supported but works well... I have used it to copy files out of snapshots back to the active file system).  You could also use rdfile and wrfile too but would I wouldn't want to do that for an automated method.