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Hello,   I'm brand new to NetApp technology, but have been doing research.  My organization does all of it's file shares from a NetApp device using ON more
We are required to manage devices using AD credentials and normally this is how it is setup(domain-tunnel + we grant access on cluster level)vserver a more
Hello Community,   we have the following situation   Customer environment: The customer has two AD domains connected via bidirectional trust with sele more
I see the system default protection policy "MirrorAndVault" is daily 7 and weekly 52.  Does it mean the system will keep 7 daily snapshots and 52 week more
Hi Folk,   (not sure if this is the right forum, please move or advise if needed!)   We've historically been backing up data from our old 7-Mode NetAp more
According to NetApp, disk partition will bring out better performance and disk usage. I see we have a few FAS2750 are not currently using this feature more
We have a four node AFF cluster on low free space, mixed use for CIFS shares, ESX, Exchange and SQL servers. Plan to either add more SSD disks to the more
we are moving our primary volume from one site to another site but our secondary/DR site is staying same and DR volumes will be stayed same as well. w more
Hello,   Does anyone has ever seen this?   - I am able to resolve any name in the domain using ping command on ONTAP (9.7P3); - dns check command fail more
Hello Guys,   We just set up a FAS2720. We attached some disk shelves from an older system to the controller after unowning them, but we realized that more
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