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Do I need them?  Ever since I have been doing the NetApp dance, I have per my training class....

  • Created a Volume
  • Created a Qtree in a Volume
  • If NFS/CIFS share out at the Qtree Level.  (one I created, not the default qtree)
  • If a LUN, put it in my created Qtree.

I understand that they are needed for Quota's and if I want to SnapMirro at the Qtree level.  I dont do either, and probably never will.

Furthermore after watching some Joint NetApp/Microsoft Hyper V videos the NetApp people.....

  • Created a Volume.
  • Created Luns in it, and never created a Qtree

I am about to create a bunch of LUN's for Hyper V servers, do I really need a Qtree's in my setup?

Thanks for any info!

Re: Qtree's

One reason is like you said, if using qtree snapmirror or snapvault a restore will be done to a qtree even if the original data was located at volume level.

Even if you are not using snapvault now, it would make life easier if you will in the future.

Re: Qtree's

So you are saying I really dont need them but it would be best practice or better practice to keep using them in case I need them down the road?

We were using snapvault, but we stopped in favor of a different backup solution.

Re: Qtree's

Pretty much.

If you need several luns per volume you should separate them by using qtrees.

If you for some reason hit the max volume limit (500 - 200 for 20xx). You can have 4995 qtress per volume.

If you need to have different security style in the same vol.