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Hi   Have a FAS2620 running ONTAP 9.3. We need to send the Event logs to a location using a non-standard port, 5514 vice 514. Can that be done? The co ...read more
    There is a 4 nodes cluster, node1/node2 is a HA pair, node3/node4 is another HA pair. I want to use "aggr create aggr1 -mirror true" command to cr ...read more
Hello,   I am thinking about upgrading the complete FAS2750 stack we have from IOM6 to IOM12. Does anybody have any experience with the performance in ...read more
I had to delete the snapshot prior to the snapmirror process running.  Now I'm getting an error of "No common Snapshot copy found between SSPC_SVM:SSP ...read more
Can i have more than one cluster IP  and Node IP ??
Hi guys,     The customer has a FAS8080 with some X308 3TB disks, but haven´t any more spares. On the same cluster, he has a FAS9000 with X318 8TB dis ...read more
In stead of using LIF,  for instance, "vserver-lif1", if I use an IP address "", will it gets failed to the other node in case of something ...read more
Hi - any help appreciated.  I replaced a disk on my 3220 (Ontap 9.1P14) with an identical disk.  The only difference I can see is the firmware is NA02 ...read more
Hi All,   What is the best method and tools for Migrate from FAS2552 to FAS 2720? We need to migrate all existing configuration and data from FAS2552 ...read more
I think the subject says it all.   How can I make it so that ROWS 0 is the default ever time I log into a SSH session with C-DOT???   So anoying havin ...read more
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