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IHAC who is asking for answers to SNMP questions most of which are around SNMP monitoring of SnapMirror. I have pursued various avenues internally to answer the questions and have had no luck.

Could someone take a look at the questions and either suggest an answer or point me to a resource that can answer them?

Questions 1.       How to send Snap Mirror application events to Netcool and what to do with them.2.       Severity, event description, operator action, event association, etc.a.    We can currently handle SNMP traps and syslog. 2.    Are there any recommended SNMP polling thresholds for the Snap Mirror application?a.    Polling can be handled by SiteScope or the Data ONTAP SNMP agent. 1.    Is syslog the only direct method of event notification for the Snap Mirror application?a.    What is the complete list of Snap Mirror event messages with translations as provided by the NOW Syslog Translator?b.    Will it be clear from this list what events would require operator/administrator action?c.     If not, what events require operator/administrator action? 2.    What are the recommended threshold monitors for OIDs in the snapmirror group of the NetApp MIB?a.    If so, what are the recommended operator/administrator actions? 3.    Besides syslog, what other integration points exist for the monitoring of Snap Mirror application events?a.    Is it true that the Data ONTAP SNMP agent does not send SNMP traps for Snap Mirror application events?b.    Is there a recommended method for sending SNMP traps for Snap Mirror application events? If so, what is it?

c.     Are there plans to integrate Snap Mirror event notification with the Data ONTAP SNMP agent?


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Re: SNMP Questions

In general, the answers to your questions can be found in netapp.mib.  There is a snapmirror section in the NetApp's MIB.  The netapp.mib file can be found on: <root volume>/etc/mib/netapp.mib.  SNMP traps can be set with the snmp traps command.  Also FilerView can set SNMP traps.  Please read the documentation on user defined SNMP traps.  As for polling for SNMP information,  I would not poll under 15 seconds.

If you want to do something else than integrate SnapMirror with Netcool, then I suggest looking at the SnapMirror APIs.

I hope this helps get you started.