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SRM "Reprotect" failing to resync snapmirror.


vSphere 5 u1

SRM 5.01

SRA 2.0.1

OnTap 8.1.1

Arrays: FAS3240


Qtree to qtree Snapmirror with source and dest in vFilers.

The vFilers have static routes allowing them to see each other.

One qtree per volume, all qtrees within the vFiler are mirrored.

The Snapmiror initialize is defined with shortname and the respective destination shortname added to the vFiler hosts file.

Ping and traceroute work in both directions.

The Recover function is working perfectly in both directions, which validates a bunch of licensing and connectivity issues, but if I try to Reprotect after a failover, the new destination throws the following error every six seconds for 10 minutes then reaches the timeout;

[destfiler01:replication.dst.err:error]: SnapMirror: destination transfer from sydstdrvna99:/vol/acmgoldata01/data to /vol/acmgoldata01/data : cannot connect to source filer.

[destfiler01:replication.dst.resync.success:notice]: SnapMirror resync of /vol/acmgoldata01/data to sydstdrvna99:/vol/acmgoldata01/data was successful.

The new destination vFiler Snapmirror status is:

Source                                                    Destination                                             State               Lag          Status

sydstdrvna99:/vol/acmgoldata01/data         bnestprvna99:/vol/acmgoldata01/data        Snapmirrored   00:50:23   Pending

sydstdrvna99:/vol/acmgolpaging01/paging  bnestprvna99:/vol/acmgolpaging01/paging  Snapmirrored   00:50:23   Idle

Any attempts to snapmirror update return "cannot connect to source filer", yet ping and traceroute using the shortname (as listed in the source above) work perfectly.

If I quiesce and break the snapmirror, then clean up the snaps, I can re-initialize, then re-install SRM and recreate the DB (the DB hack trick doesn't work for me) and failback.

So why doesn't the Reprotect work for me and what is "cannot connect to source filer" indicative of? Do the pFilers need to see the local and/or remote vFilers?




Re: SRM "Reprotect" failing to resync snapmirror.

Make sure destination filer /etc/snapmirror.allow has the entries of Source filer.



Re: SRM "Reprotect" failing to resync snapmirror.

Thanks for the advice, but the destination vFiler (/vol/acmsys01/etc/snapmirror.conf) has the correct snapmirror.conf. The initialization phase appears to be failing, so any further updates are not successful.



Re: SRM "Reprotect" failing to resync snapmirror.

As it turns out, the vFilers need their own hostname/IP in their hosts file too, although it seems only for a resync/reprotect.

Thanks to Wade @ NetApp tech support solving this one.