SnapMirror failure alerts


I have been having alot of trouble getting alerted about certain conditions and my progress through normal support routes has been slow and painful thus far. I have FAS 3020's, ONTAP 7.3.2 and DFM 3.8.1 and would like to be notified:

- when a snapmirror falls into a failed state

- when volumes autosize

- when an orphaned snapshot exists

Can anyone tell me if this should be possible with my software revisions? If so please tell me how! It would certianly save me a significant amount of daily hassle! Current alarms in DFM I have configured are:

I should state that I receive emails triggered by other alarms configured on the same system.

Many thanks for any input or responses.


Re: SnapMirror failure alerts

Hmm. By carrying out further searches I believe I may have found what I am looking for here I already had the snmp traphost set but snmp init was set to 0. Perhaps this will be the resolution at last! I will post back if still an issue.