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SnapProtect and OSSV?

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Is there any support for OSSV in SnapProtect? Commvault Sympana has something that is called Quick Recovery volumes which apparently does support OSSV, but this feature is listed as deprecated in Sympana 9.0. Is there any replacement for it? Is it licensed with NetApp SnapProtect?

Re: SnapProtect and OSSV?


According to my (limited) knowledge around CommVault, there is no OSSV-like integration with NetApp SnapVault target.



Re: SnapProtect and OSSV?

Commvault had a support agent that handled databases that worked with the NetApp OSSV agent but I don't know of anyone who used it. It looked like a helper agent to handle exchange, SQL, etc that OSSV didn't handle. Although the latest OSSV handles SQL now.

Re: SnapProtect and OSSV?

Snapprotect only backs up data on NetApp. No bare metal for servers either just only data on the fas... So I don't think any OSSV support in it....without going Simpana outside of snapprotect.

Re: SnapProtect and OSSV?

SnapProtect does not currently manage OSSV, so those backup relationships would need to be managed independent of SnapProtect. However, NetApp is evaluating OSSV integration for a future release of SnapProtect.