Snapvault / SnapMirror bandwidth requirements

Are their any tools availabe for sizing bandwidth requirement for Snapvault replication, is FCP link better over IP links if distances are <10km between primary and secondary filers.

I am also trying to find any useful guides, if available, on processor / memory utilization overheads as a result of using snapvault/snapmirror.


Re: Snapvault / SnapMirror bandwidth requirements

I think both of these have parameters to limit their bandwidth consumption.

For example:

"Snapmirror update" command's "-k" option allows you to throttle the transfer rate at KB/s.

For SnapVault, you have "snapvault start -k" flag and "snapvault update -k" flag to set your throttling speed~

Re: Snapvault / SnapMirror bandwidth requirements

Yes as Ming said always you can control the transfer limit from Kb,You can find the Adjusting the TCP window size help page from the below link.



Re: Snapvault / SnapMirror bandwidth requirements

Also, SnapVault doesn't support replication over FC, it's IP replication only.

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, you can set the SnapVault throttle for permanently using the "snapvault modify -k" option.  This would need to be done for each SnapVault relationship, and is static (if a transfer is in progress, the new throttle won't be implemented until the next update).  If you are using SnapMirror, there is a "snapmirror throttle" command that is a dynamic throttle.


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