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Snapvault schedule unclear


First post in the NetApp Community! We've recently joined the club as a NetApp Silver Partner, and now we're making our first steps in the NetApp World.

But, I have a question: Working on a NetApp environment, I encounter a Snapvault schedule that I do not catch. Could somebody assist me with that?

When I do a "Snapvault snap sched" on a Ontap 7.3.3 machine, I see some of these entries:

create <..>backup_5  0@-@0 preserve=default

create <..>backup_6  0@-@0 preserve=default

create <..>ds10 10@- preserve=default,warn=0

create <..>ds1 10@- preserve=default,warn=0

What do the schedules 0@-@0 and 10@- mean? As far as I understand, the first 0 and 10 stand for the retention of the copies, but the rest ...?

Many thanks!


Re: Snapvault schedule unclear

The first two in this look like entries created by Operations Manager / Protection Manager.  But to answer your question...

schedule_spec is made up of count[@day_list][@hour_list].



Re: Snapvault schedule unclear

Hi Chris,

You're good at the Op's Manager side. Last Friday I found an Op's Manager with four jobs, and SnapManagers for Exchange , SQL and (somewhere over the rainbow) VI. So it seems that snapshots at the filer level are disabled (Allthough I don't seem to get the difference between 10@- and 0@-@0, other that the retention).

Helpful answer it is, I now know that I am barking up the right tree. Thanks!