Snapvault volume space-management

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I have a snapvault retention question....

I am snapvaulting a primary volume. The snapvault destination volume has a 0% snap reserve and scheduled snapshots of the destination volume are effectively turned off (0,0,0). I have configured the snapvault to keep 30 copies, with a manual kickoff (30@-), the snapvault is being initiated by smvi. The smvi VSC job has a retention setting of 14 days. <-- this is the first red flag, which retention is used, smvi or snapvault sched?

My question is, what stops the snapvault destination volume from filling up, (autodelete is not on for the snapvault destination volume). I'm sure the 30@- will delete copies older than 30 days (don't have any older than 30 days yet), but why isn't the smvi retention of 14 days being acted upon? (I currently have 24 daily snapvault copies, sv_daily.0 though sv_daily.22 plus the original baseline snapshot).

Do I need to turn on autodelete for the snapvault destination volume with a trigger of volume space? And if autodelete is going to manage the space on the destination volume, then why wouldn't I configure retention for 9999 copies?

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If I understand VSC correctly, the VSC-SMVI snapshots are saved locally on the primary volumes which has a retention of 14 days (in your case) and SnapVault snapshots are stored on the secondary which has a rentention of 30 days (specific to your case as mentioned). So until the sv_daily.29 none of teh snapshots will be deleted. Once teh 31st snapshot is inplace the oldest snapshot will be deleted.

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Thanks Bhanoj, sorry I misunderstood that, thanks for pointing that out.

What about space management? I understand now that SV will delete after .29, but what happens if the SV volume fills before the threshold of 30 is reached? Do I need to use autodelete to manage that?

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Hi Ben,

You may want to enable autodelete for space management on snapvault.

This KB explains the configurations and settings of Snap Autodelete:



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Dear Ben,

I would suggest you to go with autogrow than the snapsuto delete as we are using snapshots mainly for restore.

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