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Upgrade aggr0 to 64bit


I've got a new FAS3240 controller with 48 x 600GB SAS drives installed.  It has come supplied with Data ONTAP 8.0.2 7-Mode installed on a 32bit aggr0.

I wanted aggr0 to be 64bit so that it could include all 48 600GB SAS drives.  If I upgrade the system to Data ONTAP 8.1 would I then be able to change aggr0 to be 64bit?


Re: Upgrade aggr0 to 64bit

Only if you add enough disks to grow aggr0 beyond 16TiB limit.

Create new 64 bit aggregate, ndmpcopy root volume, mark new volume as root, reboot. It takes 15 minutes at most.

Re: Upgrade aggr0 to 64bit

Thanks for that. I just tried it on the 8.01 simulator and it worked a treat.