move root volt

I have performed move root vol to an another aggregate on netapp simulator before I do this in my production filer.

It gave me little surprise  after I followed the KB article , that is, host name and ip address are missing.

I followed the KB article and copied entire vol using ndmpcopy /vo/vol0 /vol/newroot

then vol options newvol root


after reboot I was able to login, but it host name is blank >

can not putty into becuase e0a does has IP.

will this happen in the real filer?

Re: move root volt

somehow your /etc didn't copy...with no hostname you have no rc and probably no hosts file... I haven't had this issue unless someone marked a new root volume that didn't have the /etc directory copied...with your syntax above you did copy it.. with ndmpcopy also clean up (delete) the restore_symboltable file after the cutover to the new root volume.