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performance data analysis


I need to collect and analyse raw performance data. I would like to ask where are the performance data stored and how to get them. I'm aware of OCUM/OPM and that is not what I need. Anyone knows how to collect the performance data?


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Re: performance data analysis



For getting performance data, you need to be at least at UM 7.3 and above, this is where we have opened up the Unified Manager DB. For a detailed schema documentaion, you can follow the following guides:


  • Unified Manager 7.3 schema documentation:


  • Unified Manager 9.4 schema documentation:



Please bear in mind that UM polls every 5 mins for performance. Hence the netapp_performance schema which contains most of the performance tables has suffixes of summary_* or sample_* where:


sample tables have 5 min intervals for 30 days

summary tables are hourly stats which contains 5 min samples rolled upto 1 hour samples and stored for 13 months


I will be releasing a TR soon which has some details on performance usecases along with requisite examples. But the DB schema documentaiton should help you with most of your queries. Hope this helps!




Re: performance data analysis


do you already know the number of the TR that you are preparing?

I went through the database documentation.

I'm interrested in CIFS and NFS performance parameteres for a LIF. Is it possible from the data from this DB to say which client contributes the most to the LIF utilization (IOPS and throughput)?

Or what volume is the most utilized and from which client?


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Re: performance data analysis


is the TR already released? What is its number please?


thank you