snapmirror entry in onComnad

I did snapmirror one time , that is, intialise and break.

I have not put any entry in the snapmirror.conf file to schedule.

But I noticed that Oncomnad system shows that state as "source"

on the CLI it snapmirror status shows as "source"

there is no option on oncomand to delete this entry (Grayed out)

Hope someone come accross this issue.

Re: snapmirror entry in onComnad

Can you provide more details?

Data ONTAP version? I assume its 7-Mode, since you mention snapmirror.conf

Are you using OnCommand System Manager? What version?

A screenshot of the problem on OnCommand might help.



Re: snapmirror entry in onComnad

I was able to fix it,

few time breal and release did solve it.