Digital Support

How NetApp Support Empowered Self-Service Excellence for Customers: Gartner Case Study


At NetApp Support, we deeply understand the significance of delivering exceptional customer service and empowering our customers to find solutions quickly and independently. That's precisely why we embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize our support strategies. Our goal was to enable self-service success for our valued customers.


We noticed that despite a preference for digital service, our customers often relied heavily on expensive assisted channels, limiting our ability to provide value-added support. To address this, we took some decisive actions that have delivered stellar outcomes.


We empowered and trained our entire support organization to author, update, and publish knowledge, ensuring that our expertise was readily available to our customers. We embedded knowledge creation directly into our case management workflow, allowing our support engineers to contribute their insights and experiences first-hand. Additionally, our knowledge curation process prioritized customer feedback, enabling us to quickly improve and enhance our knowledge base.


The results have been remarkable. We saw an 18% improvement in the Customer Effort Score (CES), reflecting our commitment to reducing the effort required to resolve your issues. The ratio of digital to assisted contacts significantly improved from 22:1 to an impressive 80:1, demonstrating our success in empowering customers to find answers independently. Our knowledge base traffic increased by 75%, and we experienced a 50% surge in Google traffic to our knowledge base site, making it easier for customers to access the information they need.


For more details on our transformative journey, read the Gartner Case study on how NetApp Scaled Knowledge to Enable Digital Support.