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NetApp Support Site - Dec. 2023 and Jan., Feb., and Mar. 2024 Releases


The weekly releases included the following features and enhancements. You may need to log on to see features:



  • Feature description: Various features and bug fixes launched.
  • Releases included: 
    • Software Licenses and IAP - enhance CORE
    • Firmware - various enhancements including update value display
    • Dashboard - Quick links widget update and enhanced AIQ widget to include sustainability
    • Global breadcrumb - add messaging during stepped processes
    • RMA policy - updated function
    • Flex PS - various updates
    • Bugs Online - various updates including update to filter search in bugs watchlist on dashboard widget and fixes to Release Bug Advisor
    • Elio - various enhancements to user interface and loading time
    • Partner contacts - update to sales office function
    • Case create and request a part- step 1 - change default selection to serial number
    • My profile - enhanced UI

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