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How to manage a self-signed certificate in System Manager


A Forbes article on  "When The Best Customer Service Is Self-Service" speaks about an interesting point for Customer Experience Design:

"Self-service can’t be set and then forgotten. It’s always a work in progress."


At NetApp, the Knowledge Domain Experts and Knowledge Base Team are always at work striving to improve the self-service experience of the Knowledge Base site for our customers.


We are using new content formats for our high-value content to help customers quickly find the Solutions and Answers they are looking for.


Check out these articles on managing a self-signed certificate in System Manager:

These How-to articles will help you generate a new self-signed certificate and renew a self-signed certificate for ONTAP System Manager 9.10.1 and later.

The Procedure section covers the steps in a written format as well a graphic or visual format.


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