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NetApp Support Site - Jan. and Feb. weekly releases


The weekly releases included the following features and enhancements. You may need to log on to see features:



  • Feature description: Various features and bug fixes launched.
  • Releases included: 
    • IDaaS -loader for SnapMirror API key and other various enhancements
    • Software License and IAP - various enhancements
    • System Search - enable Cloud ID search
    • Order Status - order details notes column data visibility
    • Global Trade Compliance - various features 
    • Non-technical feedback - enable adding attachments, add to contact deactivation page, more reasons for decommission and other features
    • Elio - pop up blocker fix, case notes with Elio script readability and backend platform update
    • Bugs Online - column width fix, favorite label change and embed parameter/values in URL
    • PMBTA - various enhancements
    • Assisted Support Pane - additional options added
    • Downloads - various content areas added and search enhancement for firmware
    • Site - details page contact link fix
    • Analytics -  various analytics requirements


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