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NetApp Support Site - Feb. 11, 2021 - Site Release


The weekly release included the following features and enhancements. You may need to log on to see features:


Product details - Guide Me tab

  • Feature description: The product details page allows users to see information per product including Tools and Downloads. Guided Problem Solving (GPS) provides curated content by NetApp subject matter experts per product.
  • Release included: Guided Problem Solving information per product is now enabled in a new tab on the product details page - Guide Me - to allow users to easily access problem-solving or key content onpage.

Register Systems

  • Feature description:  The system registration workflow allows users to register products on the support site.
  • Release included:  New system registration workflow with ability for users to self-select data to better automate registration. Customers and partners are able to register up to 20 serial numbers at a time. Learn more.


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