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NetApp Support Site - Oct. 8th and 15th, 2020 Site Release


The weekly release included the following features and enhancements. You may need to log on to see features:


Non-technical case feedback form

  • Feature description: The non-technical case form allows users to report an issue that is non-technical in nature. Examples include reporting an issue with AutoSupport, needing help with site access, changing a contact, etc.
  • Release includes: Improved user messaging.

Bugs Online (login required)

  • Feature description: Bugs Online is a tool accessible on the support site that provides bug information to users including bug details, ability to follow a bug and more.
  • Release includes: New enablement of Bugs Online tab in ONTAP product details page; improvements to profile, import, favorites and notification; improved search for found in and fixed in versions.


  • Feature description: A Chat feature is available to logged in users on the support site.
  • Release includes: Improved visibility to chat from various offerings.

 Tools (login required)

  • Feature description: Various tools are accessible on the support site for logged in users including Bugs Online and Active IQ.
  • Release includes: Enabling tool access for guest users.


  • Feature description:  Each user has a unique profile including name, company, contact information, etc. and the page provides the ability to update or request information changes.  
  • Release includes: Mobile responsive capability and redesigned layout.


  • Feature description: The NetApp Support Site logo is on every page of the site.
  • Release includes: Logo has been updated to align with new NetApp brand standards.

Note: The next support site release is not scheduled until Nov. 12, so look for our next blog post with a release update then.


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