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NetApp Support Site - Sep. 24, 2020 Site Release


The weekly release included the following features and enhancements. You may need to log on to see features:


Non-technical case feedback form – new design

  • Feature description: The non-technical case form allows users to report an issue that is non-technical in nature. Examples include issues reporting an issue with AutoSupport, needing help with site access, changing a contact, etc.
  • Release includes: Mobile responsive form, type ahead and drop-down selections, dynamic form enablement per category selection, chat and/or callback per select categories, helpful Knowledge base content per select categories to help solve an issue and potentially preempt creating a non-technical case.

Bugs Online – various enhancements (login required)

  • Feature description: Bugs Online is a tool that provides information to users on bugs on the support site including bug information, details, ability to follow a bug and more.
  • Release includes: Any bug matching to the user profile will be added to bug favorites, on bug profiler users can select “Notify me” to receive emails once a day if there is activity, enable a pop up confirmation before removing a bug from bug profiler.

Elio – various enhancements

  • Feature description: Elio is the Artificial Intelligence chat bot on the support site. Content is curated by technical experts to help better support you to troubleshoot issue or find content to support your issues.
  • Release includes: Processing an initial problem description with technical support items, enabling auto display of answers in Elio.

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