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E Series 27xx Stuck in Lockdown Mode

Hello. I am running into a similar problem on my E2760. I was doing a POC. We are done and ready to fully deploy. I grew in an enclosure and my SAN became degraded then eventually offline. My two controllers are showing "OE LF" and "OE LU".

I just want to reset my controllers to factory settings and re-configre. When I am console I only get lockout status. SMcli replies

"Unable to execute command as the controller is currently in lockdown mode.

Use the "show storageArray healthStatus" command for further information.
SMcli failed."


SM GUI reports the error that my database is corupt, and steps to fix it. But I can't manage the SAN from Gui because I can't get past the error.


Any assistance would be wonderful.


Re: E Series 27xx Stuck in Lockdown Mode

I have finally been able to get a return value for "show storageArray healthStatus"

PS C:\Program Files\StorageManager\client> ./SMcli.exe
Entering interactive mode. Please type desired command.

show storageArray healthStatus;
The following failures have been found:
Storage Array in Recovery Mode
Storage array: 5B2-RR110-NetApp0
Failure number: 434

Script execution complete.

From HERE looks like a database corruption error.

I attempted to set the SAN into a mode to "prep" for the validation code, but that failed as well.

Re: E Series 27xx Stuck in Lockdown Mode

Resolved on my own. Batteries clocks had to be reset on controllers via console and entering "M". Then cleared lockdown mode and all worked.