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E-Series E2860 Console access


I am having problems connecting to system via serial console.

The mini usb is connecting fine but not the rj45 port.


I tried changing speed to 115200 but still only mini usb is working. We have other Netapp FAS systems where console is working just fine but not the E-series.


Under Santricity system manager i can not find any configuration for it.

Does anyone have any advice for this?

Thank you .



Re: E-Series E2860 Console access



Some pointers.


Following KB states: Any NetApp storage appliance (Not sure if that also means ESERIES) that utilizes a RJ45 console port, a DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter is required to utilize the RJ-45 console port.


Also take a look at this KB, very informative on RJ45 and console port:

Please note: RJ45 serial console port to DB9 or USB to DB9 utilizes slower baudrate, so it should be - 9600-8-N-1. USB to USB can be higher.

I have only seen ESERIES in pictures, so I guess eseries netapp engineers will know this for sure.



Re: E-Series E2860 Console access

I got it working.

We were using regular cable and needed crossover with speed settings of 115200.

This made it work.

Thank you for assistance.




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