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Edit "id" in the web proxy


Hi all


I added some systems to our Web Proxy using the web interface, but later I noticed that the "id" is wrong, or better, it's missing a "-0" in the end.


How can I amend the "id" of a system? What I mean is, from this:


to this:



I tried to use the option to "Update a storage-system", with the "wwn" as "system-id",

    "id": "dase07-0"


I get the code "200" (OK), but it doesn't change the "id". I'm affraid I have to delete the system and add again.


I would like know if the option to delete (Remove one or more storage-systems), means, remove only from the Web Proxy. If the command changes the actual device.


Thanks for your attention.





Re: Edit "id" in the web proxy


Yes I would recommend deleting the storage system from the proxy, and adding it again with the desired id. The delete call does nothing on the array itself.

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Re: Edit "id" in the web proxy


I removed the array from the Web Proxy. It was a good opportunity to test the Ansible module "netapp_e_storage_system".


Thank for the reply.


Best Regards



Re: Edit "id" in the web proxy


Just a bit of further clarification on this. There is currently no way to modify the unique identifier of a storage-system once it's been added. The only way to update that ID is to remove and re-add it. Doing so will not impact the storage-system itselt, it will only remove our connectivity to the device, as well as any data that we have saved/cached about the storage-system.

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