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Head swap from EF280 to EF570


Customer has a EF280 with 90 disks (3 external shelves). He wants to swap the head by an EF570 to increase compute power.

Is there a documentation on how to perform this task?



Re: Head swap from EF280 to EF570

I believe the E-Series Controller Upgrade Guide is the documentation that you are looking for. Hope that helps! 



Re: Head swap from EF280 to EF570

From what I understood this document shows the procedure to replace only the controller modules. I also found this, https://docs.netapp.com/ess-11/topic/com.netapp.doc.e-cntr-ugr-guide/home.html.


Problem is that EF280 doesn't show up in the upgrade compatibility shown on the upgrade path.


That's why we are looking for the replace the entire controller chassis but I didn´t find any documentation about it.


Re: Head swap from EF280 to EF570

I think the fastest way to get a definite yes or no is to open a ticket with NetApp.


The documents for ESERIES Controller upgrade are covering information within the same series:
E2800 & EF280
E5700 & EF570


There is no information on upgrade/headswap between EF280 to EF570.


I have a strong feeling this is un-supported (Even though Chassis dimensions & Shelf drive ports seems idential for EF280 & EF570).




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