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Need Recommendations for configuring an E-2860 to use with Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5

Hello , 


We are new owner of an E-2860 Netapp E-Series . 

We use Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 in the followed Environment : 


1 x OneNode Metrocluster FAS8020 connected via 10Gbit copper to the Veeam Backup Server ( W2016 Server ) 

1 x E-Series 2860 with 78 x 8TB SAS HDDs 5 x 800 GB SSD for SSD Cache.

E-Series is connected via H221 HBA ( 6Gbit ) SAS to the Veeam Backup Server ( W2016 )  

We create on the E-Series 4 dynamic Disk Pools ( Every with 11 Disks ) , in every Pool we create only one Volume ( Workload : other ) 

This Volumes are 4 Disks on the Windows Server. 

Every, from the 4 Veeam Backup to Disk Jobs own at the Moment one of the 4 Repositorys ( Volumes from E-Serie ) 

On the Backup Server there are also 4 LTO7 Tape Drives connected via SAS . 

On the Weekend there will be produced an so called "synthesized Full Backup to Tape" 


In the Past we use an FAS2554 as Backup Storage. With this FAS the synthesized Backup to Tape needs very long time. But the Tape Drive was not the Bottleneck. We Backup to Tape with 80MB/s from the FAS2554. 



What we want now is : 


- Configuration of the E-Series for the best Backup Performance for Backups from Metrocluster to E-Series over the Backup Server . 

- Best Performance for synthetic Operations initiated from Veeam on the E-Series . 

- Best Backup Speed for Backup to Tapes. 


Thanks for Suggestions about the Configuration of the E-Series. Or is our Solution with 4 Pools with four Volumes per Pool the best Solution ? 

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