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I have small issue, kindly ask for advice!

Thank you!


« Update-NeSnapshotVolumeConvertReadOnly -credential $Mycred -systemID $MySysid -ViewId. $MyViewId -RepositoryCandidate ??????? »

Unable to find variable expected by command « Update-NeSnapshotVolumeConvertReadOnly » pour l’argument « -RepositoryCandidate ».

Re: Snapshot/volume

From the output of the "Get-Help Update-NeSnapshotVolumeConvertReadOnly -Full" command: 


 -RepositoryCandidate [<ConcatVolumeCandidate>]
     Allows a repository candidate to be manually specified for use in the conversion. By default, the best candidate will be selected.

     Required?                    false
     Position?                    Named
     Default value
     Accept pipeline input?
     Accept wildcard characters?

It's not a required parameter for the cmdlet, so unless you want to manually specify a repository candidate, it isn't needed. 

Re: Snapshot/volume

Thank you for the replay,


I know that’s not a required parameter, but I need to specify it to be sure it be placed on the good repository.

It's much more- how to get the repositoryCandidate value and not how to work around it?





Re: Snapshot/volume

Thanks for the clarification - it looks like the "Get-NeRepositoriesConcat" cmdlet is designed to retrieve the list of repository volumes (sorry, I don't have an E-Series right in front of me to test). What data does that cmdlet return in your environment? 

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