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Hello. I have a E2824 with 12 disks. Now i want to add 4 SSD disks for a new volume group. What can be the problem with adding disks?
Hi,   I am trying to copy the hosts I have in an E2860 to a new E5760. I have extracted the information using get-nehost but am struggling with the fo ...read more
Hi E-Series Users, Been exploring the SANtricity Webservices Proxy in order to collect performance metrics from my E-Series Systems, and heavily inspi ...read more
Hello   We just got two E5700 and can't figure out how to login using ssh.   Webgui works fine, admin user/password is configured but the same user/pw ...read more
Is there a performance impact on volumes which have data assurance enabled? If there is a performance impact, how much is the performance impact.    I ...read more
Hello,   I'm trying to do this commande on Redhat 7.4  but this one don't work. I have already  restart the both machines.   [root@localhost ~]#SMcli ...read more
Greeting everyone, I am currently very new to the great E-series and dynamic disk pool. To the best of my knowledge, the design of dynamic disk pool i ...read more
Hi,   My name is Carlos and I'm a System Administrator at a payroll company in Canada.   Recently, we purchased a NetApp e-2824 to be connected to our ...read more
After creating a new RAID6 volume group on the E5700, I created a new thick volume which is currently initializing. When I click on "View operations i ...read more
I can find documentation to hot add a new disk tray to a running e-series, but I can't find any documentation describing the procedure to (hot?) add a ...read more