EF & E-Series, SANtricity, and Related Plug-ins

Can you use the files under /var/opt/SM to recover a failed E-series unit?


Santricity seems to automatically store many files under /var/opt/SM/... In particular, it seems to store bundles:



and dbm information:



Is it possible to recover a system with failed/failing controllers by loading the information from these files into new controllers? The SMcli command line manual seems to imply that something like this could be done by using the command:

   load storageArray dbmDatabase ...

but that command seems to require a "validatorValue" that we don't have. Any idea if this recovery is even possible? Thanks!



For E-series systems, we have other recovery ways in case of controller faillure. It depends on the type of failure

It is true that in case you face an issue with dbmDatabase, we will need a file stored in this directory for restore. 

In case a restore of dbmDatabase is needed, you will need to engage NetApp support to get the validator.