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Curious E5412 disk configuration?


I have a customer who has an E Serives E5412 whose equiped with 600G 15K SAS disks. I checked with hardware universal and found that the only 600G 15K SAS supported in this configuraiton is E-X4027A-R6. The corresponding disks is ST3600957SS (MS0A) which is a security disk. But actaually I found that the field disk is not 600G 15K security disks of ST3600957ss. It is ST3600057SS.  My question is:

1. is it a correct configuration?

2. I found that disk fimrware upgrade package only have ST3600957SS without ST3600057SS.  Where can I found the ST3600057SS disk firmware upgrade? where can I get the upgrade disk firmware file?

your support is really appreciated.