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Disk pool recovery from recovery-profile.csv?


I have an E2660 unit that uses disk pools. I managed to clear the configuration on the unit by mistake. Somehow, I am not given the option of recovering from the onboard configuration, so I was thinking of trying a recovery from a dump. There is a file called recovery-profile.csv that has some information with lines beginning with VolumeGroup, Volume, Drive (even though this unit was set up with disk pools). My questions are:


1. Is it possible to recover the unit using this file?

2. What command would you use to do the recovery? (I read about "recover volume", but it claims that you can't use that command to recover dynamic disk pools)

3. If the command to use is the recover volume command, how does the data from the recovery-profile.csv file map into the command to recover the volumes?


Thanks for any help.



Hi. To recover when you are using Dynamic Disk Pools is not straightforward and I would advise you to contact customer support for help. They will be able to guide you through recovery.


Calling NetApp support is not an option when your system is out of warranty and not under maintenance. In this particular case, the data was not critical, so I ended up wiping the system and copying the data back. But it would have been a good opportunity to try to recover the data (with no real bad consequences if the data recovery failed). We have dozens of these units, so I thought it was a good chance to learn the recovery procedures, so I can use them to resolve a possible future crisis.