EF & E-Series, SANtricity, and Related Plug-ins

E-Series Monitoring


I'm curious to know how people are monitoring E-series for performance, capacity and alerting for their E-Series? NetApp doesn’t seem to have any comparable tools like they do for the FAS product line.





You can try the SANtricity Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, which helps you monitor the performance data for the E-Series.





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Hurray - first post!


I'm working with a client who has taken a E-Series array and have heavily adopoted Zabbix for internal monitoring.


The Zabbix agent has the ability to collect numerical values according to a schedule, so I'm looking at a set of Powershell scripts (installed on the Storage Manager server) which will monitor various elements of the array. It seems the most sensible way forward given the native capabilities of the device.


My powershell is pretty horrific, but I'll be sure to publish the scripts once I complete them.




I have this very same question.  It appears there are ways to pull the data from the EF560.  I've spun up a gateway to query with REST but the information is raw and no real doc's as to how to get the data back into usable form.  My focus is on performance with regard to latency and usage.  I'll probably push it into Elasticsearch, but I figure there is an easier way to do all this.


I know you can pull it via CIM, maybe even SNMP.  Is anyone pulling the performance information and using it for trending etc?  I had hoped Netapp would add a connector to Performance manager for ease of use, but it appears I'll be re-creating the wheel if I want to get this information.


As one of the replies indicate, you can use SCOM.  I may spin up a temporary solution in order to see how the data is represented, but really don't want to support a SCOM build.


Thanks folks for your ear.


Hi Marc,


If you fancy opensource solutions, and you already have a graphite instance set up, why not trying the collector I released some time ago


Or direct link to github