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E2724 SAS on ESX 5.5 - HP Proliant with P421 HBA


We have a E2724 SAS and ISCSI Modell. There are 2 ESX 5.5 Hosts (Proliant 380G8 with

two P421 HBA) direct attached to the E-Series. 


We have defined a disk pool, the hosts with the 4 SAS Ports where attached to a host group

and bound to the Virtual Disk Pool through SAS.


On the ESX Server we are able to see the P421 HBA but the disk are not seen.


We have installed the VCenter Plugin and there we do not see the P421 HBA's

We have installed the LSI VBI from the VCenter Plugin but the Disks are not

seen in the ESX 5.5 Host. The Adapter yes - but no devices..


What can i do?







This HBA is not supported. HP has code embedded in the FW and Drivers that will not allow "non-HP" disks to be seen. We are facing the same issue with the 241 12Gb SAS HBA. We are actively engaged with HP on the 241 but not the 421. I would not expect much if any changes on the 421 at this point. It is slow going with the 241 as it stands and it is a newer card.