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E2800 disable inband management


I'm considering using an E2800 to host a large volume of user data in a multi-tenant environment. I therefore would like to ensure my tenants will not have management access to SANtricity, even if they have read/write access to the LUNs I present to them. I will not necessarily have control over their hosts, and in theory someone with complete access to the hosts could install a SANtricity agent and gain access to the entire storage system.



Hi @ChannelTapeFibre,



Your tennant will probably not be aware of the management IP of your device (also not the admin password).


Another way to avoid Santricity management to work properly is to filter via (firewall for instance) access from initiator/host to port 2463 which is a requirement for Santricity Management to work.


And last but not least I think (not sure about this) that with the new generation E2800 you can only manage them via Santricity System Manager (the embedded web management application).


Hope this helps.