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E5600 NTP warning


I have two notifications about the NTP service being unavailable and the NTP Query failing for both of my controllers on an e5600.  I think this was related to some firewall maintenance and the NTP server should be available now.  In the event log I see that one of the controllers has since synched the time with the time server.  The other one does not show any additional attempts.  The recovery GURU still shows the messages for both controllers.  The recheck option on the recovery guru does not seem to do anything.  What is the best way to force a NTP check on the e5600, and do the recovery GURU notifications go away by themselves or do they need to be acknowledged and cleared somehow?



Thanks for the link.  I verified that the gateway was set correctly on both controllers.  The NTP settings used to work fine.  We had some firewall changes though and this seems to have caused the ntp disruptions.  I see in the event log that the controllers have synched NTP successfully after the errors, though the syncs have not been as frequent as before the errors.  I still see the 4 notifications in the recovery guru.  I guess my two lingering questions are:

  1. Is there a way to force the controllers to synch with NTP i.e maybe via Execute Script?
  2. If everything is fine how do the recovery guru alerts get cleared out?  Do they go away after a certain time or do they need to be manually cleared out?  It has been 10 days now and they are still there.


To be honest, I don't know about ESERIES. I suggest log a ticket with NetApp. That will be quicker to resolve it.