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NetApp E2700 HDD compartibility


We have a NetApp E2700 Series with the mix brand HDDs, now we want to buy a new hard drive replacement, however we cannot find the NetApp HDD since it EOA, hence we can only get from other brand with the same HDD partnumber, so can anyone help me to check if that Hard Disk is support the the NetApp box?

Old Hard Drive

10Krpm 2.5" 600GB, 12Gbps SAS_3

HGST              HUC101860CSS204

SEAGATE           ST600MM0088


New Hard Drive

10Krpm 2.5" 600GB, 12Gbps SAS_3

HPE              HUC101860CSS204

DELL          ST600MM0088





My advise would be to get in touch with your NetApp Account Manager . I am sure there must be some contact through which you had purchased NetApp E2700.


I can see this Disk in HWU, but I would recommend get in touch with your NetApp Account Manager.  Usually, if its under support, NetApp sends the replacement, have you contacted NetApp?



Part No:E-X4051B-R6


On intenet, I see this Disk is Branded by both SEAGATE & DELL, basically both provides their version of Firmware (even though the Hardware is same). Obviously, when it goes inside NetApp shelf, it will need to be updated with NetApp Firmware for that Drive but the question is will it be supproted ?



If its very urgent,  I suggest call up support and ask them for direction. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on this from NetApp community will guide you further.




Dear OnTapforrum,


Now we have a HDD with this PN: HUC109060CSS600 with Firmware NA01, when we insert in to the storage it show incompatible, so I want to update firmware to MS01 or MS02 or MS06. by using the command below:

SMcli 0-0-RAID_LSN0 0-0-RAID_LSN1 -c 'download drive 0 7 file="/root/drivefirmware.dlp";'


Can you please help to find the drive firmware for the hard disk? and could you please verify the command are correct or not?

the Drive is locate in Tray.00.Drive.7 and the host is Linux