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Netapp E-Series


Hi Everyone,


I have a Netapp E5600 Box with the following HIC


Host Interface Board    
    Status: Optimal  
    Location: Slot 1  
    Type: Fibre channel  
    Number of ports: 4  
    Board ID: 1794


SFP Details:



SFP status:
Attached to: Host-side of controller A
Location: Channel 2
Supported data rate(s): 4 Gbps, 8 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 16 Gbps
Link length: Short
Connector: LC
Transmitter type: Shortwave Laser w/o OFC
Transmission media: TM Multi-mode 62.5m(M6)  



I am trying to implement FCoE in netapp where the host ports are connected to the Nexus 5 k and it has FCoE license.


i know the SFP that i have is Unified but can it work as FCoE.








E-Series controllers don't currently support FCoE directly.  However, if you have an FC host interface card in the Nexus 5k, you should be able to do this:


1) Connect the E5600 via 16Gb FC to the 5k

2) Create virtual fibre channel ports for the ethernet host ports on the 5k that you want to zone with the FC ports connected to the E5600

3) Create your VLAN(s), and a VSAN (all FCoE traffic requires a VSAN).

4) Add the VFCs (virtual fibre channel ports) from step 2 and the E5600 connected FC ports from step 1 to the VSAN

5) Create the VSAN-VLAN map (if needed)

6) Zone the desired VFCs and the E5600 FC connections