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SotrageGrid Webscale V 11.0.1 Controller Web UI is not accessable


Hello all,

I hope you are having a great day. 


We implemented a StorageGrid Webscale V 11 for a customer, and due to a plan change, now we have to change the Grid Network IP Addresses. 

The problem here is that the Web UI for the Storage Controllers is not accessable through http://Storage_IP:8080 (Is this a normal behaviour after deployment?).

We need to do the following, 

1- Wipe all config 

2- Assign new Grid Network IP Addresses

3- Redeploy


The problem here is that these Storage Nodes are in different physical location and I can't find an option to change the IP Address or wipe the config. 


If anybody can advise about this I would really appreciate it.