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using linux cli (SMcli), unable to addCapacity more than one drive at a time



Trying to utilize the set diskPool command to addCapactiy=40TB  (available is 43 and change), the SMcli completes, but adds only a single drive.


I've confirmed that the cli does calculate the value correctly because when there is 0 space free, it will return an error with the proper calculation of the addCapacity value provided.


Is anyone familiar with this issue, or know the solution?


I'd like to simply be able to add trays of drives without having to specify every drive individually.


This is using Santricity 11.25







Refer the link : Increase capacity of volume in disk pool or volume group

It says Only 1 or 2 drives can be added in a single operation. 

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I reviewed the link.   Can you point me to where it specifies one or two drives at a time?   I can't see that anywhere.   I even searched for "1", "2", and "one" and "two".


I couldn't see any reference to limits in the cli command reference for 11.25 either.






Its in this link: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP12416681/html/GUID-EAC644E6-7C64-4D3A-B84F-E7E43F7C4D9E.html

If this post resolved your issue, help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.
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