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Connecting cheap storage


We were wondering if someone has ever connected a cheap storage device to a Netapp filer ?

We are interested to connect an Axus Yotta to a free fibre port on our V3170.


Is this possible, and has anyone ever done this ?

Greetings .. Richard


Re: Connecting cheap storage

I'm afraid that will not work. Its not supported, and there are no plans to offer support for low end arrays at all at this time.

Re: Connecting cheap storage

Hi wilsonp,

Would you please advice what other cheap storage are supported in the V-series then?

Thanks & Happy Holiday


Re: Connecting cheap storage

We support the two top tiers of storage vendors arrays. These would both be classified as enterprise class storage devices. Eg Tier 1 arrays - DMX, USP-V, VSP, XP etc and Tier 2 being AMS, EVA, DS etc. All our supported arrays are listed in the V-Series support matrix. It would depend on commercials as too which would be the cheapest but I wouldn't suggest any would fit into the category of 'cheap' storage.

Re: Connecting cheap storage

The list of third-party storage arrays supported with V-Series can be found on NOW: http://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/V-Series/supportmatrix/.

As Paul responded, the intent and policy is to support widely-used mid-range and high-end storage arrays.  NetApp does not support entry or 'cheap' storage arrays for various technical, logistical and business reasons.

Skip Shapiro