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FlexArray Virtualization Best Practice Guide?

Doumentation (e.g. FlexArray Installation Requirements and Reference Guide) mentions it several times. I cannot find document with this title anywhere. Could someone provide a link?


Re: FlexArray Virtualization Best Practice Guide?




Please find the link https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1421621




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Re: FlexArray Virtualization Best Practice Guide?

Your link is for FlexArray Virtualization Installation Requirements and Reference Guide. And this document now in multiple places refers to FlexArray Virtualization Best Practice Guide. See e.g. page 40:


The supported number of visible array LUNs on an FC initiator port varies according to Data ONTAP release. See the FlexArray Virtualization Best Practices Guide for information about this limit for the release running on your system.

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Re: FlexArray Virtualization Best Practice Guide?

The only best practices guide I've found is an older version that still references V-Series:




I would have thought they would have a more updated version but there is still good information in here.



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