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Need Assistance for Head Swapping

Hi Everyone ,

 Currently we are using the FAS 3xxx series with dishshelves DS4243, DS2246 and DS4246  also one MK shelf


Now we get new FAS 8xxx series storage . with two new disk shelves DS4246 .which is configured and it is up and running.

Now we want to Swap the the old disk shelves attached to 3xxx series to 8xxx series heads . Instead of doing migration.


Could any one help me on this with the neat procedure. because we never done it before .

Thanks in Advance.



Kranthi Kumar

mail-id: kranthi@22by7.in


Re: Need Assistance for Head Swapping


for the beginnig you can start here.

I completed w/o any major issue. It is a bit different from your environment, however the process pretty much the same.

We soon  will  be doing another head swap cycle 🙂 to 8xxx series

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