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limitation on volume count on filer


As per the data from Hardware universe.. each filer has a limitation on number of volumes that it can support .. eg 1000 for Singe node which makes 500 for the same  when

a HA pair/cluster is created...


Kindly help me with the following questions .. considering that there is 2 node and single vserver cluster mode setup


  • What is the maximum number of volumes that can be created in the vserver considering that my each node can support upto 1000 ?
  • What will  happen during the Storage Failover  if the voume count exceeds the limit ...? Does the extra volumes go offline ?
  • If the volumes go down..  is there any way that we can select which volumes have to be made offline during Storage failover ..?


Thanks in advance.. 


Re: limitation on volume count on filer


Failover allows the max of both controllers in the ha-pair so all set there...there could be a degradation in performance depending on if the controllers are running over 50% or total over 100% together.  SVMs are across all nodes, so the node limit applies the same... you can have all volumes in one svm or two svms, etc..

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