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Flexpod and degraded speeds on LACP configuration


Hello everyone,


I am experiencing some odd transfer speeds on my SAN.


Quick background, I am running a single core nexus 3064 10gb, which connects to 2x cisco UCS hosts running vmware, which connect to 2 isolated 3064 10gb which then connect to a FAS2552 (see attached image)


When i test speeds between devices i get the following results:


vm on ucs1 local disk --> lun ::: this starts around 1.2GBps transfer speeds and drops after seconds and fluctuates between 80 & 250MBps

vm on ucs2 local disk --> lun ::: this starts around 1.2GBps and lasts ~twice as long as ucs1 then fluctuates betweeen 50 & 60MBps

vm on ucs2 lun --> lun attached to ucs1 ::: starts around 300MBps and fluctuates between 50 & 60MBps

vm on ucs2 lun --> lun attached to the same server, but presented as a different drive, starts at 300 and drops to 50-60mbps


simple copy and pasting file into the excat same location eg e:\test.txt to e:\test_copy.txt starts at 200, drops to 100-160mbps.


There is definitely something wrong here i just cant put my finger on it will all the device involved in a flexpod solution.

Guidance would be greatly appreciated.










James, have you solved your problem yet?  Obvioulsy if you have a serious problem impacting your production enviroment you should contact our support team.   Otherwise, I have sent a note around the product team here to see how we can help with related config info.  


Here's some advice from the team:  take a look at this design guide:  http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4331.pdf


It's a recent FlexPod implementation guide with what they think are relevant details on configuration, which may help with your issue.  




Thanks mharding, just the documenation i was looking for.

Will read and let you know how i go



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