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New Shelf


Hello gang, I am in need of some help with a new shelf.

I started off with 1 SAS shelf and 1 SATA shelf, with 2 aggregates created one for SAS and one for SATA. I added a new SAS shelf and I am trying to find some best practices in how to use the new disks in the newly added SAS shelf. Would it be best practice to me to add the disk to the already created SAS aggregate which would span it across 2 shelves (seems like the way to go to me) or is it best practice to create an aggregate per shelf or aggregates based on need.

Thanks in advanced for the help



You have probably already done the upgrade, but here is my opinion.

Try to match the number of drives in the RAID sets (10+2, or 14+2, etc) of the 1st SAS shelf, and add drives from the 2nd SAS shelf to the aggregate. This way you will have a similar RAID performance with the original disks within the SAS Aggr.

Since MAX Aggr size has grown very large with current ONTAP, you are well within Best Practices to have an Aggr span shelves.