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Nexus 3K Support

Are the Nexus 3K switches supported as part of a FlexPod solution?  Are there any plans to support the Nexus 3K switches?


Re: Nexus 3K Support

Today, the Nexus 3000 switches are only supported in our FlexPod Express architecture. However, if they are used in a larger deployment that's similar to FlexPod Datacenter, the solutions would still qualify for Cooperative Support between Cisco and NetApp.

FlexPod Technical Specifications (Rule set for what is, and what isn't a FlexPod)




Re: Nexus 3K Support

Thanks Klem.  I had downloaded TR-4036 and didn't see anything about the 3Ks in that document, which is why I asked the question.  Is there any documentation out there that gives detail as to where and how the 3Ks are supported and how they fit into the cooperative support model?  That would be very helpful.



Re: Nexus 3K Support

The latest FlexPod Express Implementation Guide references the Nexus 3000 - here you go: http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4261.pdf

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Re: Nexus 3K Support

If it's not in the Tech Specs, it's not part of FlexPod Datacenter!

The Cooperative Support Model covers any Cisco and NetApp components together in a solution, which would include the Nexus 3000. If you have access to Field Portal, the following covers some of the requirements for Cooperative Support.



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