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can anyone guide on how to build a ansible playbook for cluster health check including,


Hardware faults on Nodes, Shelfs, Disks, Ports, PSU, Fan, Motherboard, Connectivity and Configuration

Event logs - Find out critical errors and highlight the same on report, check on repeated warnings


Re: Automation


Hi Vishal,


Ansible is not designed to be a reporting tool for Hardware faults on Nodes, Shelfs, Disks, Ports, PSU, Fan, Motherboard etc. IE you can't manage the configuration state for a hardware fault. You could run a series of commands to enumerate hardware environment issues. See: 


Active IQ is designed to monitor your storage clusters which will detects and alert on such hardware related events. 



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Re: Automation


Hi Matt,


Thank you for the response,

you are right, so you mean to say I should run set of ad-hoc commands to get the status and produce a report using those outputs.


Actually I am spending lot of time running health check commands on daily basis, which I need to automate, so I thought there can be some playbooks in ansible which can automate. 


And AcitveIQ is dependent on asup messages, which is not showing the present status/alerts of the system, my plan is to run this script twice a day and get the report generated. 


any alternative like shell script can get this done I think, do you have any idea on the same?



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